Japanese Twitter user るしこ Rushiko (@39baby_com) depicts episodes from her daily family life raising her 3-year-old son through her manga.

In a recent installment, Rushiko and her son were on their way to the park when a pizza delivery bike passed by.

"A heartwarming pizza bike guy"

Each panel of the manga is followed by our English translation. Sound effects are in uppercase italics. Individual frames are indicated with TOP, MIDDLE, and BOTTOM.

TOP: VRRROOM (Son) "Let's go to the park!" | MIDDLE: "Oh! Look, a pizza bike!!" (Mom): "You're right. Isn't that cool..." BRRR [Logo on bike: Tasty Pizza] | BOTTOM {Right}: (Son) "Buh-byyye" BBRRRR | {Left} "Huh?" STOP

Reproduced with permission from るしこ Rushiko (@39baby_com)

MIDDLE: The* BEAMING SMILE | BOTTOM: (Mom) He went out of his way to stop his bike and wave 'bye-bye'...

* The katakana word ザ za, for the English definite article "the," is sometimes used humorously in Japanese as an adjective meaning "typical," "textbook" or "model."

This heartwarming exchange elicited numerous comments on Twitter such as:

  • "Such a nice guy! When something like this happens, I think, 'I'll order from that store next time.'"
  • "What a kind world... Lovely!"
  • "I'm a mother and I would cry if someone did something like this for my kid."
  • "I work delivering food and I'm often cheered up by the innocent words and gestures of children like this."

According to Rushiko, she feels that "people around her are watching over (her) child much more than (she) imagined they would before (her) son was born."

With such heartwarming exchanges brightening his days, Rushiko's son will surely grow up to be a kind and considerate person.

As for the delivery guy, it looks like his pizza wasn't the only thing he kept warm that day..."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.