Whether it be award-winning felt and wool creations of Shiba Inu and corgis, or these creepy but cute gigantic wearable cat heads, Japan seems to have tapped into wool and needle felt artistry in adorable fashion lately. One artist impressively proving that is Chata528, a wool felt artist whose handmade creations are sure to brighten up your day with their charming adventures.

Chata528 brings these outstanding furry felt animal creations to life by taking them on their own mini-excursions throughout Japan, dressing them up and using carefully-made props to convince you that they are out touring the country in their own adventurous way. Chata528's work, which was featured at the International Art Event Design Festival, is available on Japanese handmade arts and craft self-shop Minne. Minne doesn't ship overseas, but contacting sellers personally can sometimes lead to an arrangement.

Here are a few standout creations from this charming wool and needle felt artist. Be sure to check out Chata528 on Instagram and Twitter for more!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.