Japanese photographer わたろ Wataro (@wataro_photo) posted a series of photos on Twitter that received over 153,000 likes at the time of writing.

However, the photos weren't taken by Wataro.

When he handed his camera to his 3-year-old son...?

Wataro is a father of two children. One day, he handed the camera to his 3-year-old son and went to work.

When he returned home, he checked the camera and found these photos.

Reproduced with permission from わたろ Wataro (@wataro_photo)

"The pictures told me about that day."

As Wataro said, his son took many photos that captured the events of the day. He rode in the car, played with toy trains, and so on.

They may be ordinary scenes of daily life, but you can tell that the photographer is enjoying taking these pictures without restraint. They reflect a small child's unique perspective while also perhaps hinting at the budding talent of a future photographer.

The posted photos elicited many comments such as:

  • "What wonderful pictures... This made me cry."
  • "Incredibly beautiful pictures."
  • "It's as if the photos captured his little heart just the way it is."

Kids can sometimes surprise adults with their freedom of spirit and their perspective.

Pictures of everyday life taken out of pure interest have a different kind of appeal than those taken by a professional.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.