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Yoshikitty returns with a dreamy pastel goth makeover

Born in 2008, Yoshikitty is a special collaborative mascot character modelled off of Japanese superstar Yoshiki and Sanrio’s Hello Kitty. When the character was first released in advance ahead of the X JAPAN World Tour Live in Tokyo, it was sold out almost immediately.

The character was the first Sanrio design taking inspiration from a real-life person, and at the time of her debut sported purple eyeshadow, stage costumes and an edgy black hairdo that was reminiscent of Yoshiki’s own style at the time. However this year the character will be getting a makeover with the release of the “Yoshikitty pastel moon series”, which will feature a soft palette of dreamy unicorn-like colours.

Poster designs portray the character sitting on a pale yellow moon that floats within a soft and dreamy atmosphere. A piano nearby appears to be playing music, as a swan in the background references the musician’s take on classic ballet and music composition Swan Lake.

The character is featured as a design for a number of special collaboration goods available through the Yoshikitty online store.
Below is a brief introduction to each item.

Yoshikitty Pastel Moon Plush Toy

Behold Yoshikitty’s new appearance with this plush toy. From head to toe, the character has had a kawaii makeover, swapping out her dark locks for a unicorn-like gradient, and replacing her previous clothing with a silver-tinted pastel-coloured stage outfit.

Size: H240mm x W150mm x D85mm
Price: 5,800 yen

Size: H405mm x W240mm x D130mm
Price: 8,800 yen

Yoshikitty Pastel Ball Chain Mascot

Size: H155mm x W100mm x D70mm
Price: 4,000 yen

Yoshikitty Resin Bag Charm

Recommended for attaching to bag handles or belt loops, this charm features the all-new Yoshikitty as she lounges upon a pale yellow crescent moon.
Not just for show, the charm has an auspicious feel to it, with the crescent moon representing growth and development.

Size: H60mm x W55mm x D3mm
Price: 1,100 yen

Yoshikitty Eco Bag set of two

Head to your local supermarket or convenience store with these adorable Yoshikitty eco bags. The bags come as part of a set, with two different sizes available, and when not in use can be compactly folded down into a palm-sized square.

Regular Size: H540mm x W280mm x gusset 160mm
Mini Size: H420mm x W260mm x gusset 180mm
Price: 2,800 yen

By - Connie Sceaphierde.

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