With golden poop charms, poop-emoji soft cream and even a museum that revolves solely around the theme of poop, it’s pretty obvious that Japan has somewhat of a strange obsession and admiration of all things doo-doo.
Though there are a number of possible reasons for this odd, yet intriguing, fixation, one theory is that it is all owed to the invention of the golden poop charm, or 金のうんこ (kin no unko), which came about in the late 1990’s as a cheap product to make people smile during Japan’s economic recession. The name of the product is a play on words, with the ‘un’ part of ‘unko’ also sharing the same pronunciation of the Japanese word for ‘luck’.

Whilst the small golden charms weren’t expected to be much more than a fast fad, their creation would ultimately lead to the combination of poop and the Japanese concept of “kawaii” – a strange blend of contrasting topics that have weaved their way into the pop culture of Japan.

To this very day there are kawaii poop-themed items dropping in on the Japanese marketplace, such as with this “Unchi Pudding Maker” from miscellaneous toy maker Hac Co. ,Ltd.

The “Yattaze! Unchi Pudding” dessert maker is the second in a collection of playful poop-themed food makers from the toy company, and follows on from the success of the “Wasshoi! Poop Yaki” food maker which was unveiled in August of 2021. Since then, the “Wasshoi! Poop Yaki” food maker – with which owners can bake poop-shaped castella cake – has gone on to sell more than 45,000 units.
The playful values of the gadgets are even reflected in the name of the series – うんち尻~ず – in which the kanji for ‘buttocks’ 尻 (シ) matches the pronunciation of the “shi” in the Japanese adopted foreign loan-word for ‘series’.

With the newest addition to the series, users can make poop-shaped puddings to the design of their liking. Limitless colour adjustment variations and options to add your favourite syrup, sauce, and sprinkles to the pudding means that there is no end to the creativity that can be enjoyed with the “Yattaze! Unchi Pudding” maker.

Inside each product box, users will find the main machine body, a plate to rest the pudding cups on, a poop-shaped body lid and 6 individual poop-shaped pudding cups.

How to use the “Yattaze! Unchi Pudding” dessert maker

To make a set of 3 basic poop-shaped puddings, users will need the following ingredients:

– 1 egg
– 70ml of milk
– 15g of sugar – 2 drops of vanilla essence

*A small slab of butter to grease the pudding cups, and a stick to score around the edges after cooking are also necessary.

[Pudding Case Assemblement]
Step 1 – Grease each of the pudding cups with the small slab of butter.
Step 2 – Screw the pudding cups onto their respective pudding bases.

[Pudding making]
Step 1 – Mix the sugar and egg together in a bowl, adding the milk and vanilla essence in after.
Step 2 – Pour the mixture into the pudding cups using a small sift.
Step 3 – Pour 100ml of room temperature water into the shallow hollow of the main machine body.
Step 4 – Position the plate on top of the main machine body, and place three pudding cups filled with mixture on top of the plate. Cover the puddings with the poop-shaped body lid.
Step 5 – Insert the plug into an electric socket and set the machine to “ON”.
Step 6 – After 10 minutes of cooking, set the machine to “OFF” and remove the puddings from the machine. Check the puddings have become dense, if they have, move them to the fridge and refrigerate for 1 hour. If they are not dense, return to the machine and check on the progress at intervals of 30 seconds.
Step 7 – After 1 hour, the puddings are ready to eat.

Step 1 – Unscrew the pudding base from the pudding cups.
Step 2 – Use the small stick to carefully score around the edges of the pudding and the cup.
Step 3 – Flip the cups over onto a plate so that they are upside down. Pull up and reveal your poop-shaped masterpiece.
Step 4 – Cover with your favourite toppings and enjoy.

The release of the “Yattaze! Unchi Pudding” dessert maker is being accompanied by a special campaign featuring the Virtual twin YouTubers “Omega Sisters”, during which twitter users can retweet the following post for a chance to win one “Yattaze! Unchi Pudding” dessert maker.
*The campaign is running until the 5th of June 2022.

The “Yattaze! Unchi Pudding” dessert maker is being sold at various participating stores from late may, so keep your eyes peeled if you’d like to get your hands on one!

By - Connie Sceaphierde.