Japanese capsule toy (gacha) machines are filled with just about everything you can think of. The niche categories of these toys can be so particular--Lovecraftian squid and watermelon hybrids, animals unconfidently weighing themselves to reach their life goals, and rice ball filling engagement rings--that you almost never question them when you see them.

One that may raise your eyebrows is set to debut at Tokyo Solamachi and is Japan's first Hotel Gacha: a a capsule toy vending machine that dispenses luxury hotel stays and meal vouchers!

The aim of the Hotel Gacha (launched by the Tobu Hotel Group) is to increase awareness and use of the Tobu Hotel Group, and to stimulate demand for tourism in Japan, especially along the Tobu Railway Line.

The generous potential winnings may do just that, offering luxury rooms with breakfast at the AC Hotel Tokyo Ginza by Marriott, which opened last year, as well as rooms in Nikko and Naka. The 16 different possible winnings also include accommodation vouchers at the Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel in Nikko, dinner vouchers at Sky Restaurant 634 (musashi) on the Tokyo Sky Tree Observation Deck, and other items that can be used by up to two people.

AC Hotel Tokyo Ginza by Marriott

Each capsule try costs 5,555 yen ($48.92 USD). While that's quite steep for a normal gacha, "lesser" rooms at places like the AC Hotel Tokyo Ginza by Marriott (which are offering suite level rooms via the capsule campaign) can run in the 20,000 yen range, and some of the offered dinner courses easily top that. Considering each room and meal can be used by up to two people, that's a steal for premium lodging and dining!

Kanaya Hotel

Sky Restaurant 634 (musashi), Tokyo Sky Tree Observation Deck

The Hotel Gacha machine is located on the 3rd floor of Tokyo Solamachi, in atrium number 9.

In order to use your voucher, simply purchase from the machine and then make a reservation by following the instructions on the coupon inside the capsule and informing them of your intention to use the Hotel Gacha and other necessary information (don't forget to bring it with you when you check in the to hotel or restaurant).

Please note that the machine will be only selling a limited number of 500 capsules from December 16, 2021 (Thursday) to January 15, 2022 (Saturday), which may be used between January 4, 2022 (Tuesday) and March 31, 2022 (Thursday).

Only electronic payment by QR code is permitted, such as (PayPay / Rakuten Pay / LINE Pay / d-payment / au PAY / Melpay / Bank Pay (Yucho Pay, etc.) / WeChat Pay / Alipay).

A full list of participating hotels and restaurants can be found (in Japanese) below:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.