Maker Kitan Club may be one of Japan's leading reasons the country's capsule toy machines are stocked with toys that cover just about every niche you can think of. In the past they've made capsule toy figures of shiba inu poking their heads out of walls, adorable ham and egg hamsters, and even cats that slide out of matchboxes!

Just a couple of years ago, the capsule toy maker released yet another quirky item in the form of onigiri (rice ball) filling-themed rings, that even came encased in rice ball shaped ring cases. That traditional Japanese snack release just got an update, with an all new lineup of rice ball filling capsule toys you can wear for fun, or even use to propose!

From left to right from the top: negitoro (green onion and minced tuna), (Japanese rolled omelet topped with seasoned cod roe), Nozawana (pickled Japanese leafy greens), grilled mackerel, and braised pork. Each filling is comes in a rice ball casing, while the braised pork comes in a special seasoned rice ball case.

The new lineup of rice ball rings and cases will be available at capsule toy machines around Japan from March 2nd.

By - Big Neko.