If you live in Japan and you're looking for an easy way to earn some extra yen on the side, a new opportunity has presented itself.

Imagine walking around Shibuya, enjoying the sights and sounds, getting some exercise while you're at it, and earning money while doing it. That's what the new backpack advertising part-time job service Stchar! is proposing.

You can use your own iPad if you have one. Stchar! bags, required to use the service, are currently sold out at time of writing. They're free during the launch period and, according to their Twitter account, they'll be back in stock later, so please continue checking their online store.

Moreover, the company will also be having regular events during the launch phase where you can rent the Stchar! bag as well as an iPad, which means you don't even need to own an iPad to use the service. Check their Twitter account for information on when the events are taking place.

To get started, all you need to do is press a few buttons on the app to begin displaying the ads and begin walking around the prescribed area. The only thing they ask you to do is to turn off the ads whenever you enter a convenience store, business, or private property. Also, you can't work when it's raining.

When service launches on June 4th, you'll be able to work in the area around Shibuya Station but service will be expanded to other locations. They'll be updating this Google Map regularly with the available working areas.

Stchar! is operated by Wanna Technologies Co., Ltd.

Advantages of Stchar!

  • Earn money just by walking
  • You can start just by downloading the Stchar! app on an iPad (service available on iPad only)
  • You can work whenever you want
  • You get paid the same day (on the Kyash digital wallet app)
  • In addition to walking, fun events you can participate in during your work time are also planned (TBA)

Companies interested in having their ads displayed can contact Stchar! here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.