Sometimes things tend to blend in or get lost in the sea of billboard and advertising space that sits atop buildings in Tokyo, with the many flashing video ads and banners decorate the famous Shibuya scramble crossing. It can be even more difficult to stand outside Shinjuku station. Registered as the world's busiest railway station by Guinness World Records, the many commuters pouring out of the station often don't have much time to take in their surroundings.

That likely won't be the case anytime soon for those who make even a passing glance at the Cross Shinjuku building located just outside Shinjuku Station, as its new 154.7 square meter digital rooftop ad space Cross Shinjuku Vision is set to take advantage of its state of the art display capabilities by projecting what may as well be a new feline kaiju in the city: a super realistic giant 3-D calico cat!

The giant lifelike and responsive kitty is a 4K 3-D moving image created by MicroAd Digital Signage and Yunika Vision, commissioned by Cross Space (who own the building) to show off the future of digital advertising possibilities. Backed by an impressive sound system, 4K image quality and 3-D imagery created using curved LED screens, the display gives the impression of a living, breathing cat prowling the rooftop above the thousands that pass by each day!

The cat actually "interacts" with the crowd as it moves back and forth along the display, meowing and looking down at them. When the cat debuts on July 12th, it will actually appear by "waking up" at 7 a.m. each morning and then curl up to sleep at 1:00 a.m after completing its daily routine.

Here's the cat catching some must needed shuteye after a day of looking down on everyone:

Then adorably waking up startled!

A test broadcast was already conducted on June 25th and a preliminary broadcast on July 1st, garnering reactions of awe at its cuteness but also surprise and even fear. Those who want to catch a glimpse of the towering cat's periodic appearances without making the trek to Shinjuku can do so by keeping an eye on the livestream of the building via Cross Space's YouTube channel:

By - Big Neko.