Hiyayakko is a simple cold tofu dish with soy sauce and toppings enjoyed as a classic in Japan.

It’s a perfect dish on a hot day or whenever you want something to freshen up your palate.

Japanese chef Mugiraisu (@HG7654321) recently came up with a unique hiyayakko recipe that has been getting viral praise online.

These special toppings that Mugiraisu uses in this recipe turns a mundane hiyayakko into one stylish and tasty dish! Take a look.

Source: @HG7654321

Source: @HG7654321

"If you add to basil sauce and grated cheese to tofu, it's super delicious!"

Who would have thought these three would go so well together? Adding the mild flavor of parmesan cheese and refreshing basil sauce on top of plain tofu creates such amazing chemistry!

The bright green color of basil sauce is a great touch to make you feel the summer season, too. If you add some tomatoes on the side, that’s a perfect tapas dish for your guests.

On the post, there were many comments from the people being blown away by the recipe: “This is a must try! I’m going to look for basil sauce immediately” and “it’s such a simple recipe, but looks almost like a professional dish in a restaurant menu!”

You can use either soft or medium-hard tofu for this dish. Definitely give it a try to spice up your tofu menu!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.