Mochi rice cakes are one of Japan's favorite traditional treats, and while they enjoy reputation as a New Year's snack, mochi are also particularly popular during the spring when a number of delicious sakura-flavored varieties pop up to ring in the cherry blossom season.

The delicious rice cakes are a bit resilient, however, and can be a bit of a choking hazard if not prepared with care, with even fatal accidents occurring yearly around the New Year's holiday season. Japanese Twitter user Ashina (@eternal0e) recently had a kitchen episode that surprised many online, and is a perfect example of how tough mochi can be.

Source: @eternal0e

"I was trying to cut some mochi in half and my knife ended up being the thing split in half."

As you can see, the mochi rendered the knife completely useless, while it itself stayed intact, wowing many on Twitter in the replies:

"It's bad look to cut kagamimochi (the layered type featured in the photo) in half, so maybe the knife sacrificed itself to keep that from happening."

"Mochi are very strong, it mysteriously turned things into modern art."

"Whoa, I had no idea this could happen."

When cutting mochi, it's probably best to make sure you have a sturdy knife and steady hand--that or perhaps switch to crispy mochi bacon sandwiches instead.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.