Japanese noodle maker Nissin's popular Cup Noodle lineup is hardly lacking in exciting flavors to try. With gyoza dumpling, chicken nugget, fused flavors, and even soda versions available, it's hard to imagine true Cup Noodle enthusiasts running out of options.

However, for those that are looking for a little more variety in their instant ramen dining, Nissin has your back! Nissin recently took to Twitter to share a simple recipe on how to turn your Cup Noodle into Japan's favorite delicious gratin dish--doria!

Doria is a rice based gratin, probably best described as an oven baked pilaf with béchamel sauce and cheese, often topped with a savory meat sauce and is a popular order at cafes and family restaurants in Japan. A cheesy, meaty, and gooey doria makes for amazing comfort food in the winter, and it turns out you can add quite the extra layer of flavor to it in a matter of minutes using your preferred Cup Noodle flavor!

Here's the short list of ingredients you'll need.

1 cup noodle of your favorite flavor of Cup Noodle

200 ml milk

1 tablespoon flour

30g cheese

And here's how to turn your Cup Noodle into a tasty doria!

It's a pretty easy video to follow in Japanese, but here's the directions just in case:

First, put your favorite flavor of Cup Noodle in a Ziploc bag and crush the noodles and ingredients into pieces.

Transfer the crushed noodles to a heatproof container, pour the 1 tablespoon of flour and 200 ml of milk, and mix well.

Then sprinkle about 30 grams of cheese on top and heat in a 500W microwave oven for 3 minutes to complete the dish!

Nissin says they recommend using Chili Tomato or other spicy varieties, although we can't help but think Curry flavor would make for a great take on the dish. Either way, the quick recipe is an easy way to reinvent your Cup Noodle as a more gourmet and cheesy treat!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.