While some great photos of shrine torii gates in Japan are of those that seem to pop out of nowhere, it's hard to argue that some of the most famous ones make for truly magical photography.

That's definitely true of Shirahige Shrine located in Takashima city, Shiga prefecture. The shrine is notable for it's "floating torii gate", which sits in the gorgeous Lake Biwa and makes for one of the most sought-out picturesque views in Japan.

Photographer Box (@box_box_you) certainly showed why the the magnificent view of the gate is so highly regarded with a fantastic shot that has recently captivated many online. Take a look at the floating torii gate of Shirahige Shrine!

Source: @box_box_you

Box shared the awesome photo with the caption "boundary", referencing how the famous floating torii is sitting perfectly between the light and dark surface of the water--like a boundary gate between this world and the next.

The photo took off on Twitter, with some impressed commenters saying they could feel a divine presence in the photo, and praising it like no other torii gate in Japan.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.