Getting more than what you paid for is usually quite a treat at a restaurant, but for Japanese Twitter user @momorineko, it turned out to be a bit overwhelming.

On Twitter, @momorineko shared photos of an "explosively extra large serving" of chicken katsu curry they ordered from the food court at the Mayonosato Takaoka roadside rest stop in Toyama prefecture. Priced at 980 yen ($7.54 USD at the time of writing), @momorineko thought it might be a reasonable size.

However it appears they thought wrong!

Take a look at this mammoth chicken katsu curry available for pretty much the going price of a normal serving:

Source: @momorineko

Source: @momorineko

"This isn't the size of something 980 yen!!! I've been fooled...I'm going to die..."

Particularly a rest stop, a 980 yen price tag for chicken katsu curry is quite reasonable, but even if it were quite large, you'd normally expect the portion to be a few hundred grams. So it's safe to say that @momorineko was very surprised when the curry was served in a hot pot and clocked in at a weight of over 2 kg!

Apparently the bakumori (explosively extra large serving) size of chicken katsu curry at this food court lives up to its name! The Tweet made viral rounds with many stunned at the portion and price, with comments such as "there's no way I could eat this" and "this is something you share with your family" in the replies.

@momorineko noted that the rest stop's food court has five different bakumori sized dishes, including the chicken katsu curry, but they are available in limited quantity per day. Those looking for a giant meal at a great price may want to make a pit stop.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.