Sometimes, the mere thought of opening a spreadsheet instills an overwhelming pang of mundane work-related thoughts in a human being. However, as we've seen before with the Michelangelo of Microsoft Excel, certain creative geniuses can use the office tool to produce amazing artwork. Japanese Twitter user and Excel wizard @Maruraba_2 might just be the very best going at, making incredible anime artwork using Excel!

The original Tweet that's garnered attention references a conversation @Maruraba_2 has probably often had, where people ask "There are so many art software programs, I don't know where to start--do you have a recommendation?" to which they wryly reply "Excel". If you're having a hard time believing that these aren't proper animation studio creations, here are some Tweets that detail the process.

Enjoy these painstakingly detailed and awesome finished works, showing off characters from Girls und Panzer, Is the Order A Rabbit?, Kemono Friends, and more!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.