Whether they seem to pop out of nowhere or have "floating" torii gates, many shrines in Japan have some unique distinctions that set them apart from one another.

Japanese photographer Enubi (@enuenuenubi) recently found a shrine that seems to have quite the mysterious distinction, however. Enubi recently shared a photo of the shrine on Twitter, where it quickly blew up as many were puzzled by the shrine--which appears to be inaccessible!

Source: @enuenuenubi

Enubi described the shrine as if it were a video game dungeon that is inaccessible early on in game, but becomes accessible once certain conditions or levels are cleared. With no way to cross to it directly from the front it certainly looks that way!

While it's possible the solitary shrine connects to land from the rear, it looks as if you need to swim or acquire a boat to get to its torii gate--making it quite the interestingly designed shrine!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.