Japanese photographer Yasuto Inagaki (@inagakiyasuto) has a real talent for capturing beautiful scenery in Japan, but particularly focuses on showcasing some of the natural splendor of mountains found in Toyama prefecture.

Inagaki has once again turned his camera towards Toyama's gorgeous backdrops, this time with Mount Inaba in the city of Oyabe as his centerpiece. However, it's not the mountain itself that has thousands on Twitter and Instagram captivated this time around, but the swirling scenery below.

Take a look at the breathtaking shot he shared with the appropriate comment, "The miracle that overlapped with Toyama on a moonlit night."

Source: @inagakiyasuto

Inagaki happened to be shooting the already beautiful mountain range just as a dense fog hanging over the city was colored by the lights of street lamps and buildings below. The result is a wonderful shot of a swirling sea of colorful clouds that the mountain almost seems to be floating a top of.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.