While wagashi, or traditional Japanese sweets, can be very delicious, they also have a reputation for being quite aesthetically pleasing.

Wagashi master Masaaki Miyake (Twitter, Instagram) crafts some truly next-level adorable confectionery, including colorful Pikmin mochi and birds that are just too cute to eat at his store, Gogashi Beniya Miyake.

In Japan, June 16th is known as "wagashi day" because of an offering of 16 sweets and rice cakes being prepared on that day during the Heian period in hope of good health in the face of an epidemic.

To celebrate the day of sweets, Miyake prepared a batch of traditional treats that you may not know whether to take a bite out of or pet!

Source: @beniyamiyake

"June 16th is "wagashi day", so please take a look at the South Pole in the world of wagashi. The bits that look like ice are kohakuto (amber sugar)."

Miyake's South Pole sweets features round and adorable seals an penguins made using traditional molds, crafted from kneaded dough and filled with red bean paste. The clever use of kohakuto amber sugar as ice adds a tasty and chilling touch.

Some would say wagashi are best served with a piping hot cup of green tea, and we can't think of a more fitting dessert to pair with that!

Be sure to follow Miyake for even more amazing and adorable traditional sweets.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.