Oden may be one of Japan's favorite winter foods. Whether served at a convenience store, food stall, or an upscale izakaya pub, the stewed dish offers so many ingredients it's hard not to find one you like. Popular items found served in the dashi and soy sauce broth include daikon radish, fishcakes, konjac, tofu, sausages, boiled eggs, and skewered meats.

But while most seasoned oden fans wouldn't bat an eye at the variety of ingredients that may show up in a bowl, Twitter user Nurari (@nurari1793) recently encountered a first-ever oden offering that has raised many eyebrows and whet appetites online.

Source: @nurari1793

If you don't read Japanese, what stands out the most on that menu, found at restaurant Kuzushi Kappou Shirokanegyo Akihabara UDX located in the Akihabara district of Tokyo, is the item "クロワッサンのおでん". It caught Nurari by surprise because that translates to "Croissant Oden"! Befuddled by such an idea, they just had to order it!

Source: @nurari1793

"The staff told me it was just like it said, a croissant oden, and I had no idea what that meant but it really was just like it said, croissant oden. And it was super delicious."

Nurari said their curiosity was well rewarded, as they were bewildered when tasting it, finding the harmony between the croissant's mild sweetness and the rich oden sauce to be exquisite, and the fluffy texture to be the be perfect.

Still the image of the croissant siting in a bowl of dashi made quite the impact on Twitter, with many shocked but intrigued by the combination. Getting in touch with Kuzushi Kappou Shirokanegyo Akihabara UDX, we were told by staff that they came up with the idea by experimenting with another popular bread item on the menu, deciding that the combination of their quality dashi soaked into the fluffy croissant would be perfect. The restaurant makes sure to serve the croissant resting on the edge of the bowl after baking it to order so that customers can appreciate the combination as freshly as possible.

If you're looking for a new take on oden, or maybe trying to convince yourself to like it after other ingredients have let you down, Kuzushi Kappou Shirokanegyo Akihabara UDX may be worth stopping by!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.