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Chara-ben: The Bento That Are Just Too Cute To Eat

We don't need to tell you that bento, or Japanese packed lunch boxes, have become popular outside of Japan not only for their many delicious varieties, but charming aesthetic appeal as well. While most bento are appreciated for their convenience and variety, those who have the time for preparation and artistic spark can explore the world of chara-ben, or character bento. Recently, Great Big Story sat down with a seasoned character bento artist, and her bento look just too good to eat!

Tomomi Maruo is an enthusiast for chara-ben, having a special knack for crafting out the fine details of popular anime characters and even celebrities into the bento she prepares for her children. While it may seem a bit extravagant to some, Tomomi says she does it for that moment of seeing how happy their children are when they open their bento. Her passion for making balanced lunches and crafting out character details has prompted her to teach classes about making chara-ben to other moms. One look at her work will tell you that she makes a good teacher.

Check out this video to learn about the world of chara-ben!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.