Fuji-Q Highland is one of Japan’s most famous amusement parks. Located in Yamanashi, it’s a place where you can experience record-breaking rides and a great view of Mount Fuji.

The park has just announced that a new ride will be opening in July of this year, which will boast the title of the longest tube slide in the country.

The ride will start at the top of the Fujiyama Tower’s observation deck, a place where visitors can fully take in the scenery surrounding the park, including Mount Fuji of course, 55 metres above ground. With the opening of the ‘Fujiyama Slider’, once you’re done enjoying the view, you can go speeding down a 120 metre long course that winds around the tower.

Riders' feet will go in a specially-made sliding mat and whizz along while lying down in pitch darkness. The thrilling ride lasts for 20 seconds, and is not for the faint of heart.

The Fujiyama Slider is set to open from 22nd July 2022, and will cost between 800 and 1200 yen to ride, depending on the season, or you can buy a ‘Free Pass’ to enjoy all the rides at Fuji-Q Highland.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.