It's not that uncommon to find a bird's nest nearby or even inside of train stations in Japan. Usually busy with commuters, they make for great refuge from would-be predators, have high perches, and come with the possibility of finding dropped scraps of food.

So while seeing one is no surprise, Twitter user Remi (@reregrinda) was so struck by where they spotted a nest of swallow's at Takasaki Station in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, that they just had to share it.

Source: @reregrinda

The swallow's nest is perched perfectly upon an opening in the station's bubbly lettered name in kanji just outside the station, in this case the character "駅" (eki), or "station."

Many on Twitter were delighted by the perfect fit for the nest, with some even dubbing the swallows the station's unofficial mascot. It appears that while the baby birds grow up, the station may be getting a few extra visitors.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.