The brilliant colors of parakeets might only be matched by their bright and playful personalities, although sometimes that playfulness comes with a bit of troublemaking, and sometimes at the expense of their human counterparts.

Japanese Twitter user Right Click (@Migi_c) got a taste of that while trying to focus on a video game they were playing. Unfortunately they couldn't focus for long as their trio of feathered friends decided to try (and likely succeed) to get their attention away from the game and onto them. Fortunately, with a photobomb as adorable as this, it might be worth putting the game aside!

Source: @Migi_c

"I wanna play the game but can't see the screen...""

The three parakeets are even flashing expressive looks that just seem to say "put down the game and play with us!" It'd be cute enough if they were bouncing up to Right Click, but hanging upside down like this with those looks make it impossible to pay attention to the game--and the cutest bit of trolling you'll see.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.