“Seriously, the person who came up with this idea is genius.”

With the above caption, Gucchi (@atgucchi) tweeted photos she took at Kuwana station in Mie prefecture. From the first photo, you can see some letters on the floor.

But if you look at this sign from a different angle…

Whoa! It popped out!

In fact, it is a 3D sign using the optical illusion.

Apparently, this type of signs have been used in some other stations with different designs such as an arrow shaped sign shown in this photo.

Perhaps, this may be familiar if you ever watched a soccer game, and depending on the angles the ads will pop up on the field like this.

This is really a great idea to implement in stations as this will allow you to read the signs even when you can’t see the ticket gates themselves.

It wasn’t just Trompe-I’oeil! Take a look at this other unique sign…

sanco1103 also discovered another unique sign at Kuwana station. Take a look at her video.

The sign was shown on the floor using a projector!

This application can definitely expand the use of the sign.

Taken the opportunity of the first renovation in 50years, it seems that they implemented these unique signs to upgrade the station.

There were many feedbacks about these unique signs.

How brilliant to incorporate Trompe-I’oeil for signs!

It gives you an optical illusion as if you can go faster if walking on the arrow sign!

I think I’d walk around it, subconsciously trying to avoid bumping into it.

The station is filled with many unique ideas for the convenience of its customers. With their effort, I bet there will be no one getting lost in the station anymore!

By - Mugi.