Themed cafes are an important part of fan culture in Japan. If you love an anime or manga that much, what’s better than going to a place where you can be surrounded by items from the series, feel togetherness with other fans, and eat a burger that looks like your favourite character’s face?

One classic series that looks particularly good in food form is Sailor Moon. All of the previous Sailor Moon pop-up cafes have been wildly successful, and the ‘Sailor Moon Museum Cafe’ is sure to be no different.

The cafe is located in Roppongi Museum, alongside a 30th anniversary Sailor Moon exhibition, so fans can get a double dose of moon-power fun.

The menu includes mains, desserts, and even some adorable beverages.

The 'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Museum Sliders' are adorned with the main character herself on the bread.

She also appears in the ‘In the Name of the Moon I’ll Punish You Omelette Rice’, with a crescent moon made of fluffy omelette.

There’s plenty of items from the series that fans will recognise, such as a dessert plate based on the Cosmic Heart Compact.

The Rainbow Parfait’s colourful components represent five of the main Sailor Guardians.

While Sailor Chibi Moon has inspired a whole pudding a la mode.

For drinks there’s some super cute soda floats that each represent a Sailor Guardian pairing.

And there’s even latte art with iconic quotes from the series.

If you like bubble tea and Sailor Moon you’re in for a treat, since the cafe is collaborating with The Alley, a Taiwanese bubble tea shop. They’ve come up with two drinks for fans to enjoy. First up is the ‘Sailor Moon Tropical Passion Orange’.

Then there’s the ‘Sailor Chibi Moon Tapioca Strawberry Milk’.

This menu will also be renewed for a volume 2 from 10th September, with new exciting dishes.

The cafe is for visitors to the museum only, so in order to enjoy this Sailor Moon-inspired fare you must have a ticket for Roppongi museum. Check out the website for more information!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.