Located in Kumamoto prefecture, the grassy green plains of Kusasenri offers quite the memorable scenery for travelers in Japan. Particularly in the summer, many visit to see the Kusasenri plateau, where cows and horses graze on emerald fields and nearby iconic ponds which are craters caused by volcanic eruptions over time from the nearby Nakadake peak. Safe to say, it owes a lot of its scenic appeal to its remote nature.

That's why Twitter user Mita (@mita3_) was so surprised by what they saw when were in the area...a postal delivery car.

Source: @mita3_

"Postal delivery drivers are working hard..."

In the shot Mita shared, the clear blue sky, crater pond, and sprawling emerald fields make the lone delivery car appear as if its a miniature in a diorama. It's a picturesque photo certainly, but Mita and many more on Twitter were taken aback by the sight of the postal car passing through such a remote place.

Mita says the area has very few private residences and never thought they'd see a delivery car passing through. So they shared the photo with gratitude and as a reminder of how dedicated the drivers we depend on for our mail area.

Many others agreed, praising both the beauty of the shot and the quality of customer service with comments such as "this should be a postal stamp or a post office poster", "this photo really draws you in", and "so this is how I've been getting my mail...thank you so much."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.