According to their recent post, Japanese Twitter user ZEN (@ZEN45548809) apparently recently stayed in a hotel with God. Perhaps, many people thought of some sort of a supernatural story to unfold after such a phrase, but it’s actually a tale of customer service and word play.

If you look at this one picture taken at the said hotel, you’d know that ZEN is not exaggerating, not by a bit. Take a look!

Source: @ZEN45548809

The caption of the picture reads “A hotel room that was cleaned by God as the message card left in the room for guest reads; “Today’s cleaning was handled by “神” (, which can be read as “kami”, meaning “God” in Japanese)”.


t’s a common practice in hotels to leave such a note for the guests; “So-and-so cleaned your room” to let them know that the room has been cleaned.

Well, the room ZEN stayed in was apparently cleaned by GOD! This gives you a greater sense of appreciation for the cleaning work they did, doesn’t it?

However, an explanation for the surprising text lies int he fact that the picture was taken at a hotel in Aomori. A rare family name, “神”( which may actually not be read as “kami” in this case but “jin”) do exist around central Aomori prefecture.

Even though you know that there are people with such a family name, naturally you’d pray out of appreciation if there was a message; “God took care of the cleaning”!

By - Mugi.