Tasty fashion choices

Since fashion is a form of self-expression, people have different tastes in what they consider fashionable and what items they like to wear together.

Here's an example of a coordinated look that went viral on Twitter, garnering more than 206,000 likes at the time of writing:

"I got a t-shirt and a necklace that put me in a good mood."

Along with that caption, manga artist and Twitter user さく兵衛 Sakubei (@sakubetaro) posted the following selfie:

Reproduced with permission from さく兵衛 Sakubei (@sakubetaro)

This look is achieved by combining a T-shirt printed with a tasty-looking piece of toast with jam and a necklace in the shape of a piece of butter!

If the jam on that toast looks a bit chunky and unusual, that's because it's not your typical fruit-based jam. This is 小倉トースト ogura tōsuto (Ogura toast).

A dish usually served in cafés in Nagoya and the surrounding Aichi prefecture, typically as part of their "morning set," Ogura toast is toasted bread, often thickly sliced, and topped with Ogura jam, which is made with large 大納言 Dainagon (azuki) red beans and sweetened 漉し餡 koshi'an smooth red bean paste. It is typically served hot and paired with butter or margarine. It can be served open-faced, as you can see in this fashion statement, or as a sandwich, as we recently saw with these delicious examples from a famous sweets shop in Tokyo.

Even if you've never tried it before, this Ogura toast fashion surely looks delicious to anyone who sees it!

Choco Peach Factory and Kanaiga

These T-shirts and necklaces are made by Choco Peach Factory, a brand launched by a company that sells capsule toys. Both were designed by カナイガ Kanaiga, the creator who made waves with their boat of giant takoyaki sailing down a river earlier this year.

As you can see, they've also created other variations on the T-shirt and necklace idea, such as this one creating a strawberry shortcake with the strawberry as a necklace:

Another striking creation from Kanaiga is this scarf that looks like a bottle of Japanese mayonnaise:

There are a total of four t-shirts and four necklaces to choose from in Choco Peach Factory's のせのせネックレス nose nose nekkuresu series: Ogura toast, shortcake, onigiri rice ball and rice bowl for tees, and butter, strawberry, umeboshi (pickled plum) and egg yolk for necklaces. You can pick and choose the combination you like here.

Netizens react

As for Sakubei, their Tweet elicited numerous comments, such as:

  • "This is walking food terrorism*"
  • "For a moment, I couldn't believe my eyes that it was real."
  • "This is what fashion is all about."
  • "I can't stop drooling now..."
  • "So cute and fashionable!"

* The Japanese slang 飯テロ hantero, literally "food terrorism," is often used in Japanese-language social media the same way that "food porn" is used in English. It's based on the idea that you're "terrorizing" viewers with images of tasty-looking food, espcially when they're trying to focus on work, etc.

With all the positive feedback on Sakubei's drool-inducing fashion choices, maybe this will spark some new ideas for their manga! At the very least, it's clear that they've found a great way to stay in good spirits.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.