"Cat now equipped with kayari buta armor!!"

This is how Japanese Twitter user and cat-lover ネコランド Nekoland (@NEKOLAND13) prefaced a post that went viral recently.

This special equipment is only available during the summer months but it definitely makes cats look fierce with a "samurai pig" kind of look.

In this case, the "armor" is in fact a traditional pig-shaped ceramic holder (such as the one shown below) called a 蚊やり豚 kayari buta designed to hold spiral mosquito-repelling incense coils known as 蚊取り線香 katori senkō.

masa | © PIXTA

And here's Nekoland's cat, with his kayatori buta "armor" equipped!

Reproduced with permission from ネコランド Nekoland (@NEKOLAND13)

Cat now equipped with kayari buta armor!!
Defense + 3
Dexterity -100
Adorableness + 222

Although its defense and speed are not as good as before, its fierce yet lovable appearance alone will be enough to repel any enemy, whether insect or otherwise.

The cat's cool "equipment" elicited such a strong response that the post has garnered over 145,000 likes and 28,700 retweets at the time of writing.

This wasn't the first summer that this happened. It has become a summer tradition in Nekoland-san's home to see his beloved cat equipped like this:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.