Artistic twists by traditional incense makers in Japan have resulted in some truly unique ideas, including beautiful fallen leaf and matchstick type incense. Fragrance item maker Kiyou-Jochugiku's latest release taps into the long-used katori senko, usually referred to as "mosquito coils" or "mosquito repellent incense". Katori senko are a coiled toxin free incense traditionally burned in the summer to ward off mosquitoes while supplying a pleasant aroma.

Their new "mosquito repellent sakura-fragrance incense" brings a springtime scent to the summer, and may be inspired by the sadness felt by many who couldn't attend cherry blossom parties outdoors this year due to the novel coronavirus. The new incense is part of a 12 scent series that includes yuzu, ocean breeze, and watermelon, and helps fight off pesky bugs while providing a cherry blossom fragrance for two hours.

Safe to use both indoors and outdoors, the new sakura scented repellent incense it available for order online (along other fragrances) from the maker's online store.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.