On Monday, July 25th, food industry specialists Manpuku Holdings Inc., in collaboration with rice wholesaler Shinmei Holdings Inc., launched their new summer menu at the TARO TOKYO ONIGIRI takeout rice ball specialty restaurant in Toranomon, Tokyo.

In response to customer requests, they've added healthy onigiri (rice balls) with veggie and vegan toppings, fortifying meat toppings and classic onigiri varieties, for a total of nine new rice balls. This brings their total selection of tasty and colorful onigiri to 20.

Summer 2022 new offerings

TAROベジ | TARO Veggie

Depending on availability, onigiri made with seasonal vegetables are offered on a daily basis, including the vegan TARO Veggie Onigiri series made with rice cooked in vegetable broth instead of fish or meat broth.

From left to right: ヴィーガンにぎり ブロッコリー | Vegan nigiri: broccoli (180 JPY), 焼きとうもろこし 焦がし醤油 yakitōmorokoshi kogashi shōyu | Roasted corn with charred soy sauce (200 JPY), ヴィーガンにぎり トマト Vegan nigiri: tomato (180 JPY)

TAROミート | TARO Meat

Added by popular request, these meat-centric offerings are hearty and satisfying, perfect for building stamina in the months when the summer heat can easily lead to exhaustion.

From left to right: 和牛と根菜 すき焼き仕立て 生七味添え wagyū to konsai sukiyaki shitate nama shichimi-zoe | Sukiyaki style wagyu and root vegetables with fresh shichimi spices (330 JPY), ひよこ豆のバターチキンカレー hiyoko mame no batā chikin karē | Butter chicken with chickpeas (200 JPY), スパム玉子 エゴマの香り supamu tamago egoma no kaori | Spam and egg fragrant with egoma [Korean perilla] (280 JPY)

定番3種 | Three new standards

Simple ingredients, familiar to Japanese people but arranged TARO TOKYO ONIGIRI style. They're particular even about the seasonings they use. For example, their soy sauce is carefully selected from breweries around Japan. These are new TARO TOKYO ONIGIRI standards.

From left to right: 海苔つんつん nori tsuntsun | Soy-mirin seasoned nori seaweed with fresh wasabi (200 JPY), ツナマヨおかか tsuna mayo okaka | Tuna and mayonnaise with okaka seasoned bonito flakes (180 JPY), 焼きおにぎり こだわり醤油仕上げ yaki-onigiri kodawari shōyu shiage | grilled onigiri seasoned with premium soy sauce (180 JPY).

Prices include tax


  • Address (JPY): 〒105-0001 東京都港区虎ノ門1-12-11 虎ノ門ファーストビル1階
  • Address (EN): 1F Toranomon First Bldg. 1-12-11 Toranomon, Minato Ward, Tokyo 105-0001
  • Hours: Weekdays 8:00 to 20:00, Saturdays and national holidays 8:00 to 15:00, closed Sundays
  • Tel: 03-6206-7550 (call to reserve)
  • Notes: Catering and large orders accepted


According to food industry media site Shokuhin Sangyo Shimbunsha News Web, Manpuku Holdings, Inc., newly established in April 2022, has grand plans for TARO TOKYO ONIGIRI.

Beginning with their first takeout-only branch in Toranomon, they plan to open eat-in stores next and then consecutively open a total of 130 stores domestically within the next five years. They also have plans to open branches abroad, so our readers outside of Japan may also be hearing about them in the future.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.