If you want to learn the way of the ninja, Japan has a ninja academy, after which you could even take a ninja certification test. With their limited time, however, most tourists aren't able to make that kind of commitment.

Fortunately, you will soon have an option right in the heart of Tokyo when Kunoichi Cafe opens on November 11.

The concept for Ninja Cafe Kunoichi is to combine a hands-on ninja experience with a Japanese style cafe in the popular tourist neighborhood of Shibuya. For those who don't know, kunoichi is a term for female practitioners of ninjutsu, the ninja arts of espionage and warfare.

Ninja Cafe Kunoichi is two facilities in one. On the one hand, there is a cafe where you can either simply enjoy menu items created by ninjas such as smoked dishes and sweets in a setting combining traditional Japanese and modern design elements. On the other hand, Kunoichi Dojo offers 1-day ninja workshops as well as shorter ninja experience sessions.

Supervising all ninja training is Master Sayaka Oguri. Practicing ninjutsu since she was two years old, Oguri is a modern-day kunoichi who has developed a practically oriented form of ninjutsu and has a shihan (master teacher) license.

Let's take a closer look at what experiences await you at Ninja Cafe Kunoichi:

Ninja Experience

Master Oguri will teach you how to wield a katana sword and throw shuriken throwing stars, with language assistance in English as well as Chinese. There are several recommended photo spots in the dojo and the staff, dressed in outfits based on traditional keikogi uniforms, will surely add an additional flair to your photos.

Rice Ball Making

Grilled musubi rice balls filled with various ingredients are a simple, tasty and portable treat that have been enjoyed in Japan for hundreds of years. They were also an important form of nourishment for kunoichi, since they could be easily stashed away in a pouch and eaten on the go. In one of the courses available to guests at Ninja Cafe Kunoichi, a kunoichi will teach you how to make your own musubi rice balls.

Ninja Cafe

At the cafe, you can also enjoy a variety of menu items from light deserts and sweets to more substantial dishes like grilled meat and vegetables. A complete selection of sake is also available to accompany your meals. And of course, all dishes are stealthily and graciously served to you by kunoichi staff.

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If you visit within the first seven days, you'll be treated to a complimentary dish of Kunoichi dango dumplings (above left).

Ninja Cafe Kunoichi is conveniently located at a ten minute walk from Shibuya Station (or three minutes by Naruto run).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.