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Seal in Japanese aquarium melts hearts online with affectionate pose

Kaiyukan, a famous aquarium in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2020. The popular spot regularly draws in droves of visitors, with over 80 million recorded in 2021.

As part of its regularly activities, Kaiyukan posts the daily lives of all the creatures living in the aquarium on its Twitter account (@Osaka_Kaiyukan).

An affectionate pose

On July 16th, 2022, the Twitter account posted an image of a zookeeper training アラレ Arare, a ringed seal.

The keeper was training Arare in a routine involving touching its paws but was caught off guard by her adorable behavior.

Even the keeper couldn't help but say "Aw, how cute" to Arare-chan.

Arare-chan grabbed the zookeeper's hand tightly with her paw while looking up. The way she gazes at the keeper with her eyes glazed over is absolutely adorable.

With such an affectionate pose, it must make your heart flutter to see her!

Some of the comments elicited by the post were: "Too cute," and "This is the kind of thing that makes you fall in love!"

The post went viral and has received almost 220,000 likes at the time of writing.

Today, maybe Arare-chan will be at it again, making not only aquarium visitors but zookeepers swoon with her affectionate poses.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.