As any cat owner will tell you, kitties have a way of taking charge of the household.

Japanese Twitter user Condria Mito (@mitoconcon) shared an adorable example of that recently. Mito was ready to turn into bed one right, but when she approached her bed she found that her cat had claimed it for himself. While that would normally mean a gentle shove to get into bed, his sleeping pose was just too priceless.

Source: @mitoconcon

"I tried to go to sleep but my cat was one step ahead of me."

Mito's cat completely took over the bed, but his comical human-like sleeping pose makes it appear as if it's his bed to begin with! Many on Twitter were delighted by the adorable sleeping position, with some wondering if there was actually as human inside a cat suit, and likened the position to that of a sleepy old man.

It's not far fetched to believe Mito may have opted for the floor that night.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.