Popular Japanese burger chain Mos Burger is most known for its wide variety of burgers (including a Mac 'n' Cheese Croquette Burger), but they also have no problem taking a burger break to fill their menu with other items like sake milkshakes. Another example of this is there partnership with Yamazaki Baking company, Japan's leading baked goods maker, which allows customers to sometimes purchase loaves of breads and other treats.

In the past that partnership has gotten some attention for a very particular reason: Mos Burger and Yamazaki keep teaming up to release gourmet breads that have very long names. Two of these have been "white milk bread so rich that you may want to say out loud that you don't need butter" and "rich chocolate bread carefully considered and made by Mos Burger and Yamazaki Baking". Despite being a mouthful, their quality reputation and the fact that they've been reservation-only has made them quite the hot topic.

Their latest isn't quite as long in name, but still keeps the tradition alive: "croissants that will be be reborn if you just have one minute."

The takeout-only croissants used 36 layers of dough with margarine and fermented butter kneaded in. The name is a reference to Mos Burger's billing them as a quality croissant that needs minimal time in a toaster over to hit peak crispy conduction and bring out flavor. They come in two different flavors--Anko (red bean paste), and Chocolate, made with 37% cacao chocolate.

Sets of two for 500 yen will be sold at participating Mos Burgers from September 9th until November 25th, and can be reserved from August 26th until one week before sales begin.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.