Tsukimi, a mid-autumn festival celebrated in Japan, is coming up next month. The name literally means ‘moon-viewing’, as the festival honours the beauty of the autumn moon and was traditionally celebrated with moon-gazing parties.

For this reason, round and white foods similar to a full moon are often eaten around Tsukimi, such as rice cakes and eggs.

In the modern day, there’s plenty of novel foods that appear at this time to mark the occasion, and this even includes the menus of fast food restaurants such as KFC. Their Tsukimi chicken sandwiches are a yearly occurrence and 2022’s lineup includes two moon-inspired creations that can also be ordered with cheese.

The ‘Torori Tsukimi Fillet Sandwich’ has a juicy chicken fillet and an egg omelette made to look like a fried egg to give that ‘full moon’ look.

The ‘Torori Tsukimi Japanese-style Katsu Sandwich’ puts an even more Japanese twist on this special sandwich. The chicken fillet is served Katsu-style with soy sauce flavouring and teriyaki sauce.

To add another yellow food reminiscent of the golden autumn moon, you can also get these sandwiches with a slice of cheddar cheese as an extra topping.

This autumn lineup will turn up in branches of KFC in Japan from 31st August 2022, and will only be served for the Tsukimi season.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.