King Ghidora is Godzilla's most fearsome nemesis and perhaps the most iconic. The three-headed flying, gravity beam blasting monster has appeared over the course of the series in different incarnations, but this may just be his most unlikely yet. Japanese Twitter user @honeoyaji is an artist and sculptor who crafts figures and accessories from bones, and even sells them. Now the bone-artist has created a King Ghidora figure entirely out of KFC fried chicken bones!


Source: @honeoyaji


Source: @honeoyaji

@honeoyaji was asked to put those well-known bone art skills to the test by a television program in making a King Ghidora bone figure--@honeoyaji didn't just comply and pull it offer masterfully, but use bones from Kentucky Fried Chicken to complete the task. Oh, and a lot of bones were used!


Source: @honeoyaji

@honeoyaji was asked to hold back on their bone-sculpting skills a bit, and was instructed to make the figurine look like it was not built by a seasoned professional, so the only real prep was cleansing the bones in hot water and alkaline. Although @honeoyaji comments that they wanted to make a 100% pure King Ghidorah, we think the work is still excellent! If this is @honeoyaji holding back, just imagine what a totally dedicated effort would have resulted in...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.