Whether it be performing funeral rites, staffing a hotel, or simply being a terrifying poop demon, Japan seems to have a robot for everything. When its not flexing its technological muscle in more adventurous ways, however, Japan focuses on practical uses for these clever robos, and Japanese robotic engineering company Yaskawa's Yaskawa-kun may be living out the most practical use of all--giving people ice cream.

you might remember Yaskawa from when they developed a sword-wielding robot to duel Japan's modern samurai, but the adorable (and somewhat creepy) Yaskawa-kun is a little less aggressive, handing over soft-serve ice cream to customers with a smile. While he hasn't been actually contracted to any stores yet, he's been shown off at a company exhibition and is said to eventually take more difficult restaurant tasks such as bartending and making takoyaki--which may give us a hint at the future of the Japanese work force.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.