Twitter user お砂糖 Osatō (@Yaramari_Doukyo) posted a surprising photo, which was not digitally altered:

Apparently, it was taken from inside a car.

As you can see below, it looks like there's a monster on the prowl, walking the streets of a quiet Japanese residential area.

Reproduced with permission from お砂糖 Osatō (@Yaramari_Doukyo)

Of course, you should be able to recognize it as a praying mantis, but the size is totally unrealistic. No insects of that size are supposed to exist in our day and age!

The photo has been so well received that it quickly went viral, generating a wide range of comments, such as:

  • "That praying mantis is quite a large one, isn't it?"
  • "I laughed out loud at this photo of a praying mantis. I wish I could have taken a shot like that lol"
  • "I'm going to have nightmares... Humanity has no hope..."
  • "It looks like a scene from a monster flick!"

A writer at our sister site Grape asked Osatō under what circumstances the photo was taken...

Thanks to an anomaly in the payment machine?

According to Osatō, on that day, they were getting ready to leave a paid parking lot.

Reaching out from their car window, they put money into the payment machine, but due to malfunction, the change was dispensed too forcefully, scattering coins onto the ground.

After confirming that there was no vehicle following them, they got out of their car. After picking up the coins, however, they looked up and noticed a praying mantis on their car's windshield.

Back inside the car, Osatō snapped a picture. Due to the contrast in distances and the rule of perspective, it ended up looking like there was a giant praying mantis walking on the road!

Picking up a few coins provided a golden opportunity for an amazing photo!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.