Dash cams aren’t only useful for capturing footage of potential accidents, they’re also great for preserving videos of memorable road trips (or your own version of Carpool Karaoke). But why have a boring, standard black camera when you can have a cute Hello Kitty dash cam instead?

Being sold online from July 27th is the Hello Kitty-shaped dashboard camera from Seiwa, an adorable but important accessory to hang in your car.


Source: atpress


Source: atpress

The dash cam is as practical and useful as it is irresistible, and automatically turns on when you start up the car. In the same way, it turns off when you turn off the engine, so you won’t ever have to worry about forgetting to start the camera.

Any footage taken will be recorded on its 8GB microSD card, and data will be overwritten when the memory becomes full. However, the camera is made to sense strong shocks and impact to the car, and will automatically save footage taken after it believes you may have been involved in an accident.


Source: atpress


Source: atpress

Plus, even when your car is parked and the engine is turned off, the Hello Kitty cam will start up on its own if it senses trouble. You can count on Hello Kitty to protect you (or at least save proof) if anyone tries to break into or mess with your car.

If you’re in need of an adorable camera for your car, you can buy the Hello Kitty dash cam online from July 27th for 14,800 yen (138.82 USD).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.