One of the current trending hashtags on Twitter in Japan is #多分私しかやってない. It essentially translates "I'm probably the only one who does this." It's been popularized by a lot of people showing off their unique personal quirks, but has also been embraced by a lot of artists to show off their work and skills.

Maako (@harima_mekkai) has jumped in with a contribution that has fans of maids and swords alike mesmerized. Maako is a master of the Tenshinryu school of traditional Japanese martial arts, particularly swordsmanship, as he's also an instructor and swordsmith. While Maako regularly shares videos of their brilliant technique wielding a blade, it's one series in particular that seems to catch the eye of so many--doing so while wearing a maid outfit!

Maako's expert technique, agility with the sword, and dance-like movements have people entranced online. The whip of the wind makes it all the more dramatic, and is a reminder of just how fast the swordsman moves! Of course, doing it in a maid outfit enforces the point of the hashtag, and has drawn several anime comparisons.

In the snow it looks even more like something out of a samurai film.

His display of sword mastery with the charm of a maid has been a big hit online. Of course it's not all maids. You can follow Maako on Twitter to see regular demonstrations of Japanese sword techniques, and even archery and cosplay from anime and game series Touken Ranbu.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.