If you're looking for something a bit more intimidating to show off your Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba fandom than lingerie that lets you wear a Kimetsu no Yaibra or a chewing gum case shaped like Nezuko's bamboo muzzle, Bandai's prop and replica brand "Proplica" has just the thing for you: a full scale replica of Tanjiro Kamadao's Nichirin Blade that plays his quotes and even the opening theme song of the series.

The 1/1 scale (well, as best as you can estimate off of an anime) measures out to 880 mm (2 feet and 10.65 inches). The jet black blade has been recreated using expert painting techniques and extra detail has been put into reproducing details such as the wheel-like black ring handguard.

While it can be used for display or a prop, the sword also produces a total of 70 audio clips. It can play the Demon Slayer opening, "Gurenge" by LiSA, Water Breathing sound effects, and a number of Tanjiro quotes that differ depending on which switch to you hit--"fight on Tanjiro!" mode or "demon slaying" mode". The quotes can even be played while the song goes on in the back ground.

Here's some more look at the full scale Nichirin Blade, made from die cast and ABS plastic.

The replica sword is available for order from Proplica for 7,700 yen starting February 21st in Japan at hobby shops where Proplica goods are sold.

By - Big Neko.