High school student and Twitter user ナゴルノ阿波尾鶏 Nagorno Awaodori (@RichardSoviet) posted a positive experience they had flying with a Japanese airline.

He was going home on an All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight and decided to use the free time he had to work on some English homework assignments.

As he was busy studying hard, a flight attendant came over to his seat. She said "Good luck with your studies," while handing him something. You can see what it was below:

It was a package of fruit-flavored candy, along with a hand-written note on cute stationery with star stickers. The note said:

"Thank you for flying with us. It's not much, but please enjoy some candy as a study buddy."

Nagorno Awaodori says he was touched by the flight attendant's thoughtfulness. He happily concluded his tweet with the words: "This is why I love ANA."

The post elicited numerous comments sharing similar experiences, such as:

  • "When I boarded an international flight, I was glad when the flight attendant gave me a hand-written memo with recommendations on where to eat at my destination."
  • "When I was suffering from an ear infection, the attendant went out of her way to bring me warm hand towels and hot water."
  • "When we were on our honeymoon, they surprised us with a model airplane on which all the attendants wrote messages. I still have it on display."

When you encounter unexpected kindness in your travels, it often leaves a lasting impression.

It's easy to see why so many people want to fly ANA again, and why they keep coming back.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.