Some say any publicity is good publicity, but Japanese Twitter user and Waseda University student Daiki Okada (@OKD_OOPS) may be feeling differently this week. In an attempt to advertise his school's Alumni Association using a poster rental space in a train station, the student has made himself a bit of a local celebrity after making a mistake in the application for the advertisement.

Okada writes on Twitter that while trying to advertise his club, he ended up accidentally sending his school ID as data to print. This resulted in the advertisement for the Alumni Association being a blown up picture of his face in the middle of a train station for everyone to see.

While it's a jarring poster to come across during your daily commute, even more surprising is that station staff didn't seem to identify it as out of the ordinary and ran with the advertisement no questions asked. Still, it does contain contact information for the Alumni Association so anybody drawn to the surprising poster can find the relevant information. Although it was an honest mistake, it seems the viral attention and comedic value of the poster have gotten Okada and the Alumni Association even more attention than the intended advertisement may have.

By - Big Neko.