Typically when we catch ourselves admiring a dog's muscles, we are talking about a pit bull or similar breed. So for @mori_menkoi, it was more than a little jarring to wake up one morning and see their normally fluffy toy poodle Mori looking like they were ready to step into a sumo wrestling ring.

Perhaps the comparison doesn't seem quite so reasonable to you, but one look at the doggo will have you convinced this toy poodle may be ready to throw down with anyone:

Source: @mori_menkoi

"For some reason, you look really macho today."

If you take a look at @mori_menkoi's account, Mori is far from a muscular dog. However, for some reason, @mori_menkoi found them looking particularly ripped one day, much to the delight of dog lovers on Twitter. The combination of Mori's intimidating pose and happy-go-lucky face quickly became a hit online--although it may have some revaluating the strength of toy poodles!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.