If you are a lover of pancakes like myself, then you probably know your way around some of Japan’s best Hawaiian restaurants and are always up for checking out new eateries when they pop up on the map.
Luckily for me and my sweet tooth, there is a never ending stream of Hawaiian cafes that I can explore.

CAFE De CLAMP is the newest edition to the map.
The first in Sapporo, and one of Hokkaido’s largest Hawaiian restaurants, the new store is bringing a new lease of life and love for irresistible food to the area.

Inside the store, you can enjoy authentic Hawaiian Coffee and stereotypical sweets from the tropical island such as Hawaiian Pancakes and cream puffs. In addition, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during the summer months, the cafe opens up the terrace for individual tabletop barbecues.
The cafe is even pet friendly, and has a special area where customers are invited to spend time enjoying treats and relaxing with their pet.

With cases of corona having locked down a number of other venues, the BBQ facilities at CAFE De CLAMP is one of the only places where you can still enjoy a hot and smoky atmosphere whilst being surrounded by nature.

If sipping coffee whilst nibbling on some fluffy hawaiian pancakes still isn’t quite enough for you, the venue also holds a “street food night village” every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, where guests are invited to enjoy Hawaiian style street food under a starry filled night sky.
If you prefer day markets, then the cafe also holds the stalls during the day on Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s in the car park.

The store is Sapporo’s largest Hawaiian Cafe and the first in the city with three stories. Even though it is located in Chuo-ku, the surroundings are still full of nature, and the interior of the store has been designed in a specific way to entice a relaxing atmosphere. Child and pet friendly, what more could you ask for in a restaurant?

CAFE De CLAMP’s theme park-like facility aims at inspiring guests to make use of the entire site, providing an experience corner for both children and adults to enjoy, a kitchen van that offers delicious take out dishes and selling freshly picked vegetables. And if you love the venue so much, it is even available for rental.

Whether you just want to relax with a hawaiian coffee or you want to pig out on a pile of pancakes, or maybe you just want to experience some of that friendly Hawaiian atmosphere, CAFE De CLAMP is the place to be!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.