The Miffy Kitchen series of Miffy-inspired bakeries by Terakoya is now stretching its legs to Kawagoe city in Saitama, opening its 7th shop “Miffy Kura’s kitchen and bakery” in a refurbished traditional warehouse.

The area of Koedo (Little Edo) in Kawagoe is well known for Kurazukuri townscape. Kurazukuri is a form of architectural method used back in Edo era to prevent fire from spreading characterized particularly by thick walls, heavy black roof tiles and a high tower to watch any potential attacks/spreading of fires. The traditional architecture of Koedo makes this quite the unique Miffy bakery!

Koedo was also used as a window point for nationwide exchange, communication and interactions. Creating connections and being considerate of others is a big concept in Miffy stories, so the location has a thematic link.

There will be many Miffy merch items and baked goods using locally sourced ingredients such as Kawagoe’s well known sweet potatoes.

If you are a Miffy fan, or visiting Kawagoe city, make sure to check it out!

By - Mugi.