Since 2016, Takara Tomy Arts has been selling a series of soft plush toys featuring popular characters in sleeping poses called 『すやすやフレンド』suyasuya furendo (peacefully sleeping friend). The target market was mainly children but some adults enjoyed them too. The series has been very successful, with over 200,000 sold.

However, with more people spending time at home and teleworking due to the pandemic, the company decided to launch a new version of the series with adults in mind. The characters are still in their adorable sleeping pose, but this time they're much larger.

This giant series is called 『すやすやフレンド おうちでリラックス』suyasuya furendo o-uchi de rirakkusu (Suyasuya Friend for relaxing at home), and the first one they're releasing is one of their most popular suyasuya furendo characters, an adorable rabbit designed by Miffy creator Dick Bruna.

The size of the main body has been increased to about 80 cm and the volume ratio is about 52 times larger.

Due to its large size, you can lie on it like a pillow, place it on your lap as you use your computer, or just enjoy a cuddle when you need one.

Made with a soft and highly elastic fabric, and filled with particularly fine cotton, this plush toy has a wonderfully cushiony and comfortable feel. You'll just love cuddling with it.

Of course, its peaceful and relaxing presence makes it great to simply display in your house.

Product information

  • Name (JP): 『ブルーナ すやすやフレンド おうちでリラックス うさぎ』
  • Transliteration: Burūna suyasuya furendo o-uchi rirakkusu usagi
  • Translation: Bruna Suyasuya Friend relaxing at home rabbit
  • Price: 14,960 JPY (incl. tax and shipping)
  • Actual size: W 80 cm (31.5") x H 30 cm (12") x D 43 cm (17")
  • Size on delivery: W 70 cm (27.5") x H 33 cm (13") x D 40 cm (16")
  • Suitable for ages: 6 and up
  • On sale at Takara Tomy Arts' online store e組 (e-gumi)
  • Product page
  • Sales method: made to order
  • Pre-orders accepted until: November 30th, 23:59 JST (or until supplies are exhausted)
  • Copyright: Illustrations Dick Bruna© copyright Mercis bv,1953-2020

By - Ben K.