There are many curry shops around Japan that have come up with all sorts of services, such as all-you-can-eat naan, to please their customers.

However, one curry shop seems to go the extra mile, offering a service that surely makes new customers smile, if not slightly blush. As you can see in the image below, they really love their customers:

No, this is not a maid cafe where you might expect to see hearts drawn by your maid as part of the service. It's just a curry shop. And in case the heart doesn't make it clear enough, they also write すき suki, meaning "I love you."

It's not clear whether this is provided to all customers or only to new ones, but you can surely imagine a customer thinking: "A sudden confession of love even though we just met?!"

Although the tweet, by Japanese laundry detergent brand Attack, was a setup for a tip on how to treat curry stains with their product, the curry shop, although not mentioned by name, is probably a real place.

The person in charge of the account seems to have been happy both with the affectionate service and the quality of the curry:

"It may be somewhat too direct, but I think it conveys their peace-loving attitude and shows how much they like the customers who come to eat. By the way, it tasted super delicious."

The unexpectedly affectionate message from the curry shop elicited many comments, such as:

  • "I laughed the moment I saw this."
  • "I get it. They're 'Attack' laundry detergent so they got 'attacked' with a confession of love..."
  • "I would be embarrassed, I think lol"
  • "The cheese naan looks so delicious."

And if you're curious to know Attack's tip on treating a curry stain, they recommend patting with a dry kleenex or hand towel (don't wet it or the stain will spread), directly apply an oxygen bleach, immediately wash the item of clothing in the washing machine and air dry it in the sun.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.