The Kano sisters are a Japanese celebrity duo (of sisters, as you might guess) that's risen to fame due to their promotion of their "fabulous lifestyles", showing off the excess of their fashion and possessions (as well as not being shy about their generous busts). While they often appear on TV programs as guest talent, they also appear as "lifestyle consultants" who give seminars on how to help young women succeed.

Younger sister Mika has carved out her own path recently for her hobby of cosplaying popular anime characters, usually with some very high quality costumes. With the hype surrounding its new anime release, it was only a matter of time before Mika took on the challenge of a cosplay from the ever-popular Chainsaw Man. Mika's take on the Public Safety Devil Hunter Makima from the hit manga and now anime has been a big hit with fans online.

After sharing photos of Chainsaw Man merchandise on her blog and talking about her fandom for it, Mika received clamoring from fans to cosplay Makima from the highly anticipated anime adaptation. Cycling through the pictures and poses, we'd say that Mika nailed Makima down to the finest details, and the response online from fans praising the cosplay suggests many feel the same!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.